The Wrath of Alexander the Great Terry McCarthy

The Wrath of Alexander the Great

Author: Terry McCarthy
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The Wrath of Alexander the Great
Terry McCarthy
The Wrath of Alexander the Great introduces a bold new character into the realm of hair-raising adventure: the legendary Commander Barkane of Carthage. Combat-trained down to his fingernails, Barkane is the world's first military commando. He and his highly trained crew must journey to the famed fortress-city of Tyre and retrieve secrets of the state so valuable that Alexander the Great himself will turn the continent upside down to get his hands on them. One problem: Tyre is under siege by one hundred-thousand of Alexander's men, each and every one of them hungry for Barkane's blood. The commandos must somehow break into the city, secure the secrets, and then escape. It is impossible, of course, and Alexander knows it. But Carthage has sent Commander Barkane, and so Alexander is in for a surprise!