The Sword of Hannibal Terry McCarthy

The Sword of Hannibal

Author: Terry McCarthy
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The Sword of Hannibal
Terry McCarthy
Just as Hannibal is about to attack the Romans over the Alps in the most stunning invasion in history, a group of mysterious strangers infiltrates his army. Nargonne is their leader with a past that is a well-kept secret. At his side is Molena, as daring as she is beautiful. When they cross paths with Strabo, a disillusioned soldier of fortune, Molena reveals their scheme to him. "Impossible!" gasps Strabo, but Nargonne and Molena will not be dissuaded; the lives of their families are at stake. They enlist Strabo's help and soon Strabo is caught up in a deadly break-neck race across the continent. Even as their mission looks more and more dangerous and the odds against them pile up, Strabo discovers they have more at stake than mere gold and glory and that a treasure beyond reckoning awaits them... if they survive!