The Rule of Three - Penny Miller Book Six Steven W. Booth

The Rule of Three - Penny Miller Book Six

Author: Steven W. Booth
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The Rule of Three - Penny Miller Book Six
Steven W. Booth
The zombies must be stopped… Sheriff Penny Miller has come too far and lost too many friends to quit now. She and her companions have made it safely to Mountain Home, Idaho, the operation center of the three-person Enhanced Bioweapons Select Committee that controls the nation’s response to the zombie outbreak. Miller knows they are still funding the research that started the zombie apocalypse. And Miller didn’t come to the home of the zombies to attend a church social. When Sheriff Miller stumbles across a homegrown militia whose leader shares her hatred of the Select Committee, she sees the opportunity she’s been waiting for. Together with Major McDivitt and his team, Sheriff Miller sets out to destroy the three committee members who have the most to gain from the spread of the zombie virus. One last mission should finish the job. …Unless they know she’s coming. Paperback, 349 pages ISBN: 978-0990456-65-0