Hell Comes to Hollywood II Eric Miller

Hell Comes to Hollywood II

Author: Eric Miller
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Book Title
Hell Comes to Hollywood II
Eric Miller
“Miller’s HELL COMES TO HOLLYWOOD II ought to be required reading for anyone who has even an inkling of trying to make it in the City of Dreams.”—Scott Urban, THE HORROR ZINE Hollywood loves a sequel, so here we are with Twenty-Two More Tales Of Tinseltown Terror! CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE:Richard Christian Matheson, Anthony C. Ferrante, John Palisano, Lin Shaye, Lisa Morton, Del Howison, Brad C. Hodson, Hal Bodner, Eric J. Guignard, Doug Molitor, Daniel P. Coughlin, Ron Zwang, R.B. Payne, Kelly Kurtzhals, Carla Robinson, Katarina Leigh, Tim Chizmar, Heather E. Ash, William Lebeda, Jeffrey Reddick, Eric Miller, Donny Broussard & Erin Bennet, Graydon Schlichter