Hell Comes to Hollywood Eric Miller

Hell Comes to Hollywood

Author: Eric Miller
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Book Title
Hell Comes to Hollywood
Eric Miller
“If you’re a fan of horror, delivered in any medium, this is a must-read.”—Matt Molgaard, HORROR NOVEL REVIEWS Welcome to the home of Hell Comes To Hollywood, the Bram Stoker Award nominated horror anthology about psychotic killers, ghosts, demons, vampires, and other horrifying creatures stalking the entertainment capital of the world. CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE:Travis Baker, Alan Bernhoft, Shane Bitterling, Laura Brennan, Joseph Dougherty, James Grayford, Ann Lewis Hamilton, Andrew Helm, C. Courtney Joyner, Brian Muir, Charles Austin Muir, Elizabeth J. Musgrave, William Paquet, Jamison Rotch, Paul J. Salamoff, John Schouweiler, Jeff Seeman, Jed Strahm, Ray G. Ing, Richard Tanne, Sean Yopchick, Drew Pierce, Roy Knyrim