18 Wheels of Science Fiction Eric Miller

18 Wheels of Science Fiction

Author: Eric Miller
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18 Wheels of Science Fiction
Eric Miller
“...Definitely fun.”—Analog Science Fiction and Fact Take a trip through the imaginations of 18 visionary writers as they explore the future of trucking in this new science fiction anthology! There's something for every genre fiction fan in this follow-up to the hit 18 Wheels of Horror - a Trailer Full of Trucking Terrors. CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE:John DeChancie, Bond Elam, Kate Jonez, Gary Phillips, Paul Carlson, Lisa Morton, Del Howison, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Terry Bisson, Michael Bailey, Carla Robinson, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Jeff Seeman, Edward M. Erdelac, Janet Joyce Holden, Sean Patrick Traver, Luci Rodriguez, and Eric Miller